Outrageous Excellence™ - It’s In Everything We Do

CMS is different. We’re a small agency with a huge history. We’ve been able to thrive for over 25 years because we never forgot that it’s YOUR show. It’s YOUR event. It’s YOUR MarCom project. We’re just here to help.

You’ll never have trouble getting your CMS producer or creative director or project manager on the phone. We will be there when you need us.

We come from within the industry, too. Each of the principles at CMS has spent over 10 years on and around stages, inside Fortune 500 companies. From Pharmaceutical to retail, from entertainment to hospitality, from training to management - we’ve got deep roots.

Our founder, Diana Zimmerman, likes to joke that CMS stands for “Changes Made Sweetly.” It works when she says it. But it’s true. We understand that no corporate show is “in the can” until it’s live... and we have to be ready to react to any needs our clients have.

You’ll love what we can do for you.