CMS Consulting Group (CCG)
We’re More than JUST Great Meetings.

CMS Consulting Group (CCG) is headed up by
Patrick Grady out of our Orlando, Florida office.

CCG helps companies increase attendance and engagement through a combination of new and proven technologies that help get your audience plugged in - long before the meeting begins, and long after it ends.

It’s not about getting their attention, it’s getting them engaged. CCG uses interactive systems to connect, communicate, and measure - 365 days a year.

365 CONNECT™is a program designed by the marketing experts at CCG to leverage the cost, and increase the impact of events over a 365‐day period, instead of just the typical 3 or 4 days of a conference. Communication is designed in a way that will connect with the intended audience, enhance and reinforce the retention of information, and increase attendee satisfaction, engagement, and action.

TextConnect™ is CMS’ way of using everyday technology to produce extraordinary engagement, feedback, and validation (and at an amazingly manageable cost!).

Virtual Town Halls are one of our fastest growing meeting components.

V-Mail gets noticed!

Social Media Marketing isn’t just a good idea. It’s an imperative for many meetings today.

Using audience segmentation and adult learning techniques, CMS and CCG can help your organization develop a targeted approach that is proven to get results.