Jim Bunkelman

Multi-Media Engineer

With a degree in Physics and Mathematics from the University of California at Santa Barbara, and a graduate degree from Cal State Berkeley, Jim began his professional career as a professor of science
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and math. However, his strong love of the creative and performing arts soon lured him into becoming a drama coach, as well. It was here that he found his true passion—show business.

His unique ability to combine mixed-media forums with live performances soon segued into the formation of his own production company and in 1976 Galatea Productions was launched. Using many of the techniques developed for Close Encounters, Jim next designed and produced the first wide-screen presentation that introduced the AVL Eagle. This early computer was the very first production line, multi-image programming system. Its unprecedented success, along with Jim’s creative enhancements soon made it the standard for multi-image production.

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Jim was chosen “All American Media All-Star” by AV Communications Magazine, selected as a judge for the AMI International Multi-Image Festival, won five “Telly” Awards for videos that he directed and edited. Today, his amazing talents have joined with CMS to launch all sorts of new ideas and technical wizardry.

As our clients say, “Jim is not only one of the brightest, but one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet, as well!”

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: Jim has worked in all forms of visual communication since his start in film and television (when actual film was used). He's graduated from linear, to non-linear, to digital, and more. He is a huge fan of technology, constantly working to stay ahead of the curve - because he loves what he does. He contributes time and energy to local theater and film productions all over Los Angeles because he's passionate about his craft. He is constantly working on personal and community art projects all over Los Angeles because he is passionately involved with the creative process.